Preliminary lists, coming soon with details.

List of STU experiments for ENEEP

STU01- Measurement of the neutron emission rate by the Manganese sulphate bath technique

STU02 - Measurement of the diffusion length and Fermi age of neutrons

STU03 - Measurement of the volt-ampere characteristics of semiconductor detectors

STU04 - Comparison of the radiation doses simulation within the experimental facilities by different codes and validation of results by the measurement

STU05 - Defectoscopy measurement by gamma radiation

STU06 - Measurement of the internal magnetic field by Mössbauer spectrometry

STU07 - Phase analysis by Mössbauer spectrometry

STU08 - Determination of the positron lifetime in the matter

STU09 - Doppler broadening of annihilation photons

STU10 - Measurement of environmental samples by semiconductor and scintillation detectors

STU11 - Measurement of the radioactivity of the water and air

List of TUW experiments for ENEEP

TUW01 - Critical experiment

TUW02 - Neutron Flux Density Measurement with Compensated Ionization Chambers /Self-Powered neutron detectors

TUW03 - Control rods calibration

TUW04 - Fast neutron flux density mapping

TUW05 - Pulse experiment

TUW06 - Reactivity Values of Fuel Elements

TUW07 - Determination of the Reactivity and the Reactor Period

TUW08 - Reactor operation

TUW09 - Reactor power calibration and temperature reactivity coefficient

TUW10 - Thermal neutron flux density mapping

TUW11 - Void reactivity coefficient

List of JSI experiments for ENEEP

JSI01 - Critical experiment

JSI02 - Reactor response to step reactivity changes

JSI03 - Fuel temperature coefficient of reactivity

JSI04 - Control rod worth calibration

JSI05 - Void coefficient of reactivity

JSI06 - In-core neutron flux mapping

JSI07 - In-core gamma field mapping

JSI08 - Neutron flux measurements using gamma-compensated boron-lined ionization chamber

JSI09 - Pulse experiment

JSI10 - Reactor operation

JSI11 - Gamma spectrometry

JSI12 - Neutron activation analysis

JSI13 - Indoor Radon Measurements

JSI14 - Primary water activation

List of CTU experiments for ENEEP

CTU01 - Reactor visit

CTU02 - Neutron detection

CTU03 - Neutron flux distribution measurement

CTU04 - Critical experiment - approaching critical state

CTU05 - Delayed neutrons detection

CTU06 - Introduction to reactor kinetics and dynamics

CTU07 - Advanced reactor kinetics

CTU08 - Reactivity measurement

CTU09 - Control rod calibration

CTU10 - Hands-on experience with the VR-1 reactor operation

CTU11 - Radiation detection in practice

CTU12 - Radiation protection in practice

CTU13 - Neutron activation analysis in practice

CTU14 - Determination of the neutron’s diffusion length

CTU15 - Determination of the neutron’s Fermi age

CTU16 - Calibration of a radionuclide neutron source

CTU17 - Physical security in practice

List of BME experiments for ENEEP

BME01 - Determination of the thermal neutron flux in the core of the reactor

BME02 - Determination of delayed neutron parameters and uranium content of a sample

BME03 - Determination of void coefficient of reactivity

BME04 - Determination of reactivity worth function for neutron absorber

BME05 - Critical experiment

BME06 - Measurement of thermal diffusion length in graphite

BME07 - Reactor operation exercise

BME08 - Measurement of gamma and neutron dose rate